October 21, 2017

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

The National Child Abuse Prevention Month Website is now live and has an abundance of resources to assist with your planning of activities for April and throughout the year.   This year’s theme focuses on, “Making Meaningful Connections.” To learn how to support meaningful and measurable change in children’s well-being, and engage families and communities in the prevention of child maltreatment, you can:

  • Visit the National Child Abuse Prevention Month website to find useful resources.
  • Download the 2015 Prevention Resource Guide: Making Meaningful Connections and learn how to strengthen families using the protective factors. Additionally, each participant of the 2015 Missouri Children’s Trust Fund Child Abuse/Neglect Prevention Conference, April 14-15 will receive a hard copy of this resource guide.
  • Access dozens of tip sheets – in English and Spanish—that can be distributed to parents and caregivers. There are three new tip sheets this year titled “Feeding Your Family,” “Human Trafficking: Protecting Our Youth,” and “Support After An Adoption.”
  • Bookmark three activity calendars – one each for prevention programs, parents, and community partners—and discover ways to integrate activities related to the protective factors into Child Abuse Prevention Month activities.
  • View the prevention video gallery, which features videos from our national child abuse prevention partners. Share these videos via email and social media to raise awareness among your networks.
  • Download and post Child Abuse Prevention Month widgets to your website to help promote the initiative.
  • Spread the word with the online media toolkit, which provides traditional and new media strategies to help your organization or community partnerships raise awareness about events, reach potential supporters, and build relationships.